In Germany, continue to license the betting operators, despite the court’s decision

Darmstadt Regional Council is committed to continue to process applications for a license for the bookmakers, despite the court decision, which condemned the concession operator action.

 Council of Darmstadt in the process of appealing the decision rendered by the Administrative Court on 1 April.

 Initially, the case was filed by the Austrian bookmaker Vierklee. Claim gambling operator was the fact that the current market licensees are in a better position. Furthermore, it was noted that the whole process work permits occurs insufficiently transparent.

 In the trial, it was established that the operator claims are justified. A few days later it was issued a full resolution according to which the licensing process has been recognized as opaque, and the actions of the state regulator – Glücksspielkollegium – unconstitutional. According to the decision of the court supervising agency was named discredited. Details of the proceedings – in a separate article.

 However, the question of whether the court’s decision calls into question the third edition of the State Treaty, remained open. Moreover, it was not sufficiently clarified whether the disrupted bookmaker licensing process.

 Note that the action of the State Treaty was to last until July 1, 2021.

 Representatives of the Council of Darmstadt said that since the decision will be appealed to the Administrative Court of Kassel, the application process until the decision of the court of second instance will continue as normal. The regulatory agencies have noted that this will ensure a smooth operation if the court’s decision will be in favor of the regulator.

 In February, the number of applications for a bookmaker license amounted to 50. It is known that the Council continues to accept applications and related documentation. However, the operators have been warned about the costs that may be associated with the appeal. Representatives of the regulator also noted that operators who have applied for a license can continue to provide their services.

 Recall that the details of the preparations for the establishment play-n-go slots of the German online gambling market can be found in our separate article.

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